AppFabric Caching Service Reverts To Disabled

Using the steps outlined in my previous post for the AppFabricCachingService, I was able to get the service up for the server that had going into status: “UNKNOWN.”

However, it would stay up for a few minutes, and then revert “DOWN.” I had to constantly go into “Services” and reset the “AppFabric Caching Service” to “Automatic” and then try running “Start-CacheHost” or “Start-CacheCluster” again.

This had a repetitive effect. Finally, I tried doing the following, and I was able to get the server that had kept reverting to “DOWN” to stay “UP”, and the “AppFabric Caching Service” to stop switching to “Disabled.”

First, log into one of the working (“UP”) cache cluster servers, and fire up Powershell:


(May be unnecessary, but good to double check this)

Export-CacheClusterConfig c:\clusterconfig.xml

Copy the file over to the server that was reverting to “DOWN” and open it up in Notepad. (You may need to open Notepad as an admin depending on your UAC settings).

Replace : dataCache size=”Medium” with dataCache size=”Small”

Also replace: caches partitionCount=”256″ with caches partitionCount=”32″

Then save the file.
Fire up Powershell on the “DOWN” server and type:

Import-CacheClusterConfig c:\clusterconfig.xml 

Give it some time, and if necessary, type the following to check the status:


For me, this brought all my servers to the status of “UP” and they stayed there.

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