SharePoint Migration Tool Error – 0x01710009

When using the SharePoint Migration Tool to move to 365, you may encounter some cryptic errors in the tool’s error reports, such as the following:

(In this example I was trying to move a discussion board from SP 2013 on-prem)


Source Destination Item name Extension Item size Content type Status Result category Message Error code TestThread 0 Folder Failed SERVER FAILURE Errors or timeout for Server Processing the file:Not all the items in the package have been migrated 0x01710009………… 2_.000 0 0 Item Failed SERVER FAILURE Errors or timeout for Server Processing the file:Not all the items in the package have been migrated 0x01710009………………


In my case, the solution was to look into the “Details” folder of the Migration Tool report, and look at the UserNotMapped_R1.csv file.  This contained a list of SIDs for users for our on-prem installation, that while their accounts where in SharePoint, they did not exist in our AD.  Basically the Migration Tool errors out when it encounters a problem mapping an account to 365 SharePoint.

The solution was to look them up from the on-prem installation, and then delete them:

PS C:\Users\SPFarm> $u = Get-SPUser -Web -Limit ALL |where {$_.Sid -eq "s-1-5....."}
PS C:\Users\SPFarm> $u

UserLogin DisplayName
--------- -----------
CONTOSO\jdoe1  John Doe

Then, once the user account was known, visit and create a custom view to filter on the “UserLogin” listed above, with an option to Edit.  If you click on the “Edit” next to their account, you will have an option to delete them from the site collection.  I did this for all the SIDs provided in the file, and it resolved the issue.


Disable Install Silverlight Prompt in SharePoint 2013

If you have users that are still using IE to visit your SharePoint 2013 sites, they may encounter an IE message telling them they should install the latest version of Silverlight (which is quite dead). All this is really used for is the gallery for installing new apps/webparts. This can easily be disabled by running a bit of PowerShell (by disabling this, users will still get the fallback functionality as you would in Chrome, etc.)

$webapp = Get-SPWebApplication http://sitename
//check to see if the Silverlight prompt is enabled
//if it returns as true, then set it to false and update
$webapp.AllowSilverlightPrompt = $false

SharePoint Search Box Not Firing When Enter Pressed in IE

Ran into an issue in SP2013/SP2010 where the Enter/Return key would default to other page elements instead of taking the keywords and conducting the search if the Enter key was pressed. So for example, if there was a button on the page, it would fire that element, instead of the search box. Here is a simple bit of jQuery which will ensure that the user’s search gets completed:

//fix for IE 11 Enter/Return key not firing for Search box
  if(event.which == 13) 
    window.location = jQuery("a[id^=ctl00_PlaceHolderSearchArea]").attr('href');

Errors When Adding SP2013 Navigation in SP2010 UI Mode

There is an rather obscure error that can occur when working with “Audiences” and groups in SharePoint 2010 mode within SharePoint 2013. The problem can surface when trying to create list items based around audiences. Items can be created just fine, but when trying to add an audience trimming to the item, SharePoint can throw an error. This is related to how the form within IE is storing the HTML for the audience.

To get around this, you will need to change your Compatibility View setting within IE.

See example:

Add A Link:


Create a link and give it an audience trimming:


SharePoint Throws An Error:


Navigate to Compatibility Setttings:


Change Compatibility Settings to use Compatibility View:


Navigational items should now save successfully.