Upgrade SharePoint 2010 My Sites to SharePoint 2013

There seems to be a lack of information out there regarding upgrading SharePoint 2010 My Sites to SharePoint 2013.

If you try to do a straight “Mount-SPContentDatabase” to a new web application.  This will work partially, as you will be able to get to your “My Site”, however, when trying to go into “Site Settings” or “Site Permissions”, you will get a “404 – File Not Found” for a lot of the back-end system files.

The best way I have found is to set up the My Site Host first in SharePoint 2013, and then run a Mount-SPContentDatabase on your old SharePoint 2010 My Sites database.

1. Backup your WSS_Content_UserSites

2. Restore it to your SharePoint 2013 SQL as a new database

3. In Central Admin, go to “Application Management”, “Manage Web Applications”, choose “New”

4. Once the site is created, choose to “Create a new site collection”, and select the “Enterprise” tab, and “My Site Host” as the type.

5. Once the My Site Host is created, you can attach your 2010 My Sites database:

Mount-SPContentDatabase -Name WSS_Content_UserSites -WebApplication https://mysites.contoso.com

6. Finally, go into your User Profile Service (Application Management -> Manage Service Applications -> User Profile Service).  Click on “Setup My Sites”

7. Enter your My Site Host in the area provided, and don’t forget to add the appropriate groups to “Read Permission Level”

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  1. Hi there,
    I am in process of upgrade from 2010 to 2013. I have upgraded UPS successfully. UPS is working. My site was not much utilized in 2010. My question is – Is it okay to build new My Site instead of the upgrade? Is old my site associated anywhere with User Profile? If I will create new my-site where could it impact? or is it necessary to upgrade?


  2. Hi Khushi,

    Starting with a new My Site should be fine. In fact, that is probably what I would prefer, so that you know you are starting with a 2013 optimized “My Site”, without any user customizations.

    As far as the old “My Site” being connected to the old user profile, yes, there is one location that I am aware of. The “Personal Site” property under the user profile properties. You may need to write/find a Powershell script to clear this value out so that it fresh for the users.

    That may or may not be necessary though, depending on how you configure your new My Site host (for instance if the old link structure remains the same, and takes them to the same place). However, if a user has not created a My Site in 2013, and still has the old link in their profile, other users will probably get a 404 error when trying to click on their profile picture, etc. Hope that helps.


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